Getting a Quicker Response in Workers Comp Cases

I have been experiencing a distubring lack of response to my settlement demands in workers compensation cases. More often than not I believe it’s because the insurance company hasn’t given the attorney authority to settle the case and they are reluctant to call back with nothing. I’ve put together a standard form letter with suggested responses for the defense attorney and have received a positive response and more information about my cases. The form letter is below the fold.

Please tell me the status of the case. To save time, you can pick a number from the list below to indicate the status. Please feel free to add comments as necessary.

1) I haven’t heard of this case and don’t think it’s assigned to me.

2) I’ve heard the case name, but at this point, don’t know any more about it.

3) It’s on my list of To Do’s and I’’m just about to get to it.

4) It’s on my list of To Do’s, but frankly it’s not near the top now.

5) I have the information and reading up on the case and am in the middle of assessing it.

6) I need more information from your office before I can assess the case and send it to the adjuster.

7) I have finished assessing the case, but have not drafted the information to the insurance company yet.

8) I’ve sent everything off to the insurance adjuster and am waiting on authority.

9) The adjuster and I are talking about authority and should have an answer soon.

10) I have authority, but did not have the chance to call you yet.


Please respond to the following:

The number that is closest to the status is:

I expect to have an answer on the following date:

I need the following (if any) from you:

Comments/Additional Info:


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