Twelve Ways Technology Can Make You a Better Trial Lawyer, Continued

Wow. What a response to my guest post on Evan Schaeffer’s Notes from the (Legal) Underground. There’s been a good discussion in the comments section, plus a host of weblogs linked to it:

Matt Homann and Matt Buchanan noticed that 5 of the 12 ways to use technology to be a better trial lawyer were in the use of weblogs. I hadn’t noticed that, but I guess they’re right.

Tom Mighell at Inter-Alia took the time to add another point:

13. Use weblogs for help on searching the Internet. Blogs like LawSites, beSpacific, WisBlawg, the Stark County Law Library Blog, and  this site can keep you up-to-date on the latest in legal research on the 'Net.

Yep. Those are all great sources of info. Thanks for taking the time to add these Tom.

I also forgot to mention TechnoLawyer, too. My apologies to Neill Squillante for the oversight. TechnoLawyer is a great resource.

So many great ways to learn technology, so little time.

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