PowerPoint Examples from Leading Plaintiff's Lawyers

What is it?

We have assembled a disk of more than 100 PowerPoint examples for Plaintiff's attorneys. The disk contains 35 complete mediations including medical malpractice cases, nursing home cases, premises liability cases and car wrecks. There is also over 10 opening statements, 10 closing arguments and more than 50 examples of partial presentations. The partial examples include showing damages, showing the loss of potential earning capacity, proving the value of a person's life after retirement, timelines, how to visualize future damages and much more.

The names have been changed, but these are real world examples. The presentations come from contributing attorneys and paralegals around the country. Most of the contributors are members of ATLA.

How Do I Get One?

We will send a copy of the disk to any plaintiff's attorney that sends a PowerPoint example. We update the disk on an annual basis. When the disk is updated, we will add your contribution to the other collaborators.

That's all it takes. One presentation gets you the disk with everyone's examples. This is a collaborative effort of colleagues. This is not a profit making effort, but a way of exchanging ideas among colleagues.

We are not charging for the disk. We change the client/plaintiff names before putting the name on disk. If it's a sensitive case, feel free to remove personal information before sending us the presentation. Also, please get permission from your clients before sending in the example.

What If I Think My PowerPoint Presentations Aren't Good Enough?

We have repeatedly seen very talented attorneys that are not comfortable with their computer skills. Don't worry about it. The goal isn't how fancy your presentation is, but how well it tells your clients story.

What If I Don't Have an Example to Share?

Some plaintiff's attorneys have not used PowerPoint yet, but would still like a copy of the disk. If you fall into that category, we'll be more than happy to send you a disk. We just ask that you be:

  • A plaintiff's attorney;
  • A member of ATLA or your state TLA; and
  • Promise to send in a sample presentation after you have used PowerPoint.

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