Digitizing X-Rays

Showing jurors x-rays can be a powerful tool. Especially if your client has a prothesis or hardware. The hardware is a vivid way to make real the pain and difficulties your client has gone through. Assuming you have a laptop and a projector, you can easily get the x-rays into your computer.

  1. Take a Picture with a Digital Camera – Put the x-ray in a lightbox and use a good digital camera to take a pic of the illuminated x-ray.
  2. Have Your Local Camera Shop Digitize it – An x-ray is a film negative. Granted it’s a large negative, but its’ still just a negative. Your local camera shop should be able to put it on disk for you for a nominal fee.
  3. Send it to a Service Bureau – You can send the x-rays to MedQuest and they will put them on disk and ship it back to you for about $10 to $15 an x-ray depending on the volume you do. I know a number of other local/statewide litigation support firms also do this work.

I’ve used all three of these methods and they have all worked well.

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Using Magnetic Trial Exhibits.

At the 2002 Auto Torts, Gary Pillersdorf talked about using foil backing on trial exhibits so that magnets would stick to them. The cost is about $2 a square foot, so it costs less than $25 to add foil backing to a 3' x 4' exhibit.

"Where did the collision occur?" "In the middle of the intersection." In the middle of the intersection?? the middle...of the...intersection. I think every client I ever had said the middle of the intersection.

With an aerial view of the intersection and some magnetic cars, you can have the client show exactly how the collision occured

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