About This Blog

This weblog focuses on using technology to be a better trial attorney.

We will discuss trial tips, techniques and ideas from a plaintiff's attorney's perspective, practice management issues and technology useful for trial lawyers.

About David Swanner

I am a plaintiff's attorney in Myrtle Beach with a practice devoted to personal injury and workers compensation cases. I'm a sole practitioner that's been practicing since 1994. I started my practice straight out of law school.

Before law school, I was an interrogator in the Army for seven years. I taught interrogation for three years and was a qualified Hungarian and Arabic linguist. The Army taught me both of the languages. I hate what happened in Iraq at Abu Ghraib. Good interrogation is not about torture and coercion. Good interrogation is about persuasion and good questioning techniques. When I taught interrogation we followed the rules and taught our students to follow the rules. The reason you follow the rules is because it's more effective and you get more information. Oddly enough, I believe in the rule of law.

In 2004, I put together a PowerPoint for Trial Attorneys (and their paralegals) class that focuses on helping lawyers use PowerPoint to tell their client's stories.

In 2005, Manny Oliveira and I put together a Comedy Workshop for Trial Lawyers: Building Trial Skills Through Stand-Up Comedy class. We work with public speaking, presentation, poise and timing. The same skills that are important for a trial lawyer, but in a different setting. It's a class that provides valuable learning and is fun at the same time.

I also give other presentations on technology, practice management and trial issues.