Moving to a MacBook Pro from a Toshiba Ultra-Light


I've always been a big fan of ultra-light laptops. My last laptop was a Toshiba Portege R600. At the time I bought the computer, it was fast and only weighed 1.6 pounds. That's about half the weight of a MacBook Air and almost exactly the same weight as an iPad.

Unfortunately, I upgraded from Sanction to Verdical to get the deposition summary software and the Toshiba couldn't handle it. Verdical uses a public version of MicroSoft SQL server that just made the laptop choke. I looked into putting more memory into it, but it was maxer out at 2 gigs of RAM. Oh no. It was a full fledged laptop, not a net top, but the inability to put memory into the laptop was a problem.

Apple MacBook Pro

So I've upgraded to the new MacBook Pro's. My preference was to get the 13”, but I wanted the fastest processor and the most RAM on the market, so I had to go with the 15” laptop.

It has a Core i7 processor, 8 gigs of RAM, hi-resolution and anti-glare screen.

A new laptop doesn't sound that dramatic. But when you go from a laptop that's 1.6 pounds and slips into a leather portfolio, to a 5.6 pound laptop and most of the bags are between 2 –  4.5 pounds, it's the difference between taking a notepad and taking a bowling ball with you wherever you go.

I'm enjoying the new MacBook Pro, it's speed, the OS X, the new Windows 7 and all the things it can do, but it will take me awhile to get used to the larger form factor. It's been more than 5 years since I've had a laptop that weighed more than 3 pounds.

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