Converting to Macs

ImacI put Verdical on my main desktop and it could run, but it was sluggish to the point of being non-useable. It was very, very sluggish in loading and trying information on the computer. It was not an acceptable speed for using at trial.

I wasn't certain how that could happen, because I like to buy good hardware and thought I had a 'go-fast' box. It turns out that I did have a go-fast box, but one that was about 5 years old. We had skipped Windows Vista by staying in Windows XP and decided it was time to upgrade.

The first upgrade was the server. It was still runing on MicroSoft Small Business Server 2000. We're currently in 2010. Our server was about 7 years old and running 10 year old software. So we put in a new Mac Pro with lots of memory running MicroSoft's Small Business Server 2008.

In addition to the Mac Pro, I'm in the process of putting 27” iMac's with Core i7 processors with 8 gigs of RAM on everyone's desk. We're running Parallels and Windows 7 on the iMacs and I updated to the 15” MacBook Pro with Core i7 processor and 8 gigs of RAM for a laptop. It is running Parallels and Windows 7 as well.

We are still mainly a Windows office, but when I finish putting an iMac on everyone's desk we will have the ability to work in both worlds.


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